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About Us

Our Company

Nomie Jewelry is a luxury demi-fine jewelry brand that believes in truth and transparency. We believe in the bonds of lasting relationships and integrity of our creations. Crafting quality jewelry while delivering superior support to our beautiful customers go hand in hand.

Our vision at Nomie became crystal clear after years of shopping from online boutiques only to be disappointed by the lack of quality and overspending on pieces that looked appealing to the eye but felt cheap and were simply not crafted to last.

Nomie Jewelry’s reverie was created with everyday people in mind. Each of our timeless pieces are handcrafted and custom designed with the purest of intent. Intent to create unique jewelry that will truly last a lifetime. Our promise to you is to design and deliver exclusive jewelry that is sure to become a cherished heirloom.

Our Promise

Nomies promise to you is to create jewelry built on Truth & Transparency. 

Quality and timeless pieces that are handcrafted to last a lifetime and to travel with you through all of life’s adventures.

Our Jewelry

Nomie stands by the true meaning of Demi Fine Jewelry. Each piece is created with 18k Gold Fill. Not to be confused with Gold Plated, Dipped or Vermeil. Our collection is custom designed in the US and our Gold is sourced and handcrafted in beautiful Brazil.

Gold filled jewelry is an excellent option for those who wish to have a product of exceptional quality that is beautiful and anti-allergenic, with prices substantially lower than solid gold. 18k Gold filled Jewelry contains a much thicker layer of actual karat gold than "plated" gold. With the proper care Gold Filled jewelry will last a lifetime in comparison to any type of plated. The core of the piece is jeweler's brass while the outer core is a thick layer of heat & pressure-bonded solid gold. The absolute perfect combination to create the Demi Fine Collection at Nomie.

Our pieces are hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals such as nickel, cadmium and lead.

Our jewelry is crafted to the highest standards and quality. We use the finest 18k pure gold, ensuring they travel with you and can be handed down to your loved ones through all life’s adventures.

Meet the Founders

The last few years have been an eye-opening experience. How quick our existence can change and the importance of living life with inspiration and passion. I look at all life’s experiences as stepping stones of evolvement. In the midst of life “just taking place,” we may often question why? But at the end of the day and with some reflection, a window of clarity opens, and a better understanding of your life’s journeys can be embraced.

As far back as my memory takes me, I’ve been an artist and a creator. My parents would have me draw pictures in front of them in disbelief that I was the true talent behind the art.

Like so many, I got swept up in the corporate world, putting my creativity aside and joining the hustle. I was a young successful career girl and proud of it. I could not see my life another way. With the economic changes that took place in 2007, I started feeling a pull back to my roots and that’s when entrepreneurship came knocking at my door.

I longed for a lifestyle makeover, new and different opportunities. I wanted to feel that creative spark in my life again. I took a leap of faith and went back to school for my Aesthetics license, which turned into the 13 year lifestyle makeover I was searching for. I built and ran my own Clinical Aesthetics practice. A business and experience I will forever be grateful for.

Fast forward to next big life altering chapter. Two souls from entirely different worlds crossed paths and were blessed to have our beautiful Daughter. Being a Mother turned a love and passion on inside of me like nothing I had ever experienced. Owning my Aesthetics practice gave me the opportunity to still have my career, in addition to be at home with my girl. It’s truly been the best balance.

So here we are 2022 and raising an 8-year-old sweetheart in a world of uncertainty and confusion one stepping stone at a time. I have learned that I am artistically talented and capable of creating and bringing my visions to life. I am a huge supporter of small business and online retail. I believe that fast fashion, although it may be fun, it’s a waste to our environment and not sustainable. I woke up one day after spending a tad too much money on a necklace, from a larger and more well-known retailer, only to learn that it would quickly fade and become a piece I would unfortunately throw away. It was then my vision for Nomie became underway. I wanted to build a small business that is built on Truth & Transparency. It’s important to me that my pieces are timeless, can be worn through all life’s adventures and that the dollar amount of an item does not define the quality.

While I begin this new journey, my Daughter is my number one inspiration, she’s my business partner and basically my boss! I believe it’s never too early to pass on the valuable lessons I have learned in life that have brought me to this point.

While I also believe it’s never too late to start new adventures. Passion, dreams and ideas do not have to be on a timeline. If I can lead by example and give my Daughter the confidence to choose her own path in life, a path that brings her pure joy my heart will be full.

Building Nomie with my little one are memories I’ll cherish a lifetime as I hope for her as well. She helps me design and create, she undeniably gives me the best feedback and most importantly we are in this together happy and passionate.

I believe the key to success is taking chances, being brave and doing what it is that makes you wake up each day fulfilled and with purpose.

We share Nomie with you, with love....

Telsha & Sophia

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