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Zoom Angel Tag 333 Necklace
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Angel Tag 333 Necklace


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Complete the look:

We have redesigned the classic dog tag necklace with a delicate tag engraved with your personal angel number, making it a meaningful accessory to wear alone or layered with any of your other favorite Nomie pieces.

Angel numbers are a synchronicity, or a meaningful coincidence—divine guidance from angels and the universe. 

Angel numbers are a series of numbers that keep showing up in someone's life to send a message. It is believed that this is how angels communicate with humanity. 

Within a set of numbers, like the 333 angel number, there are beliefs attributed to those specific sequences that give significance to certain aspects of your life (such as money, relationships, faith and more). When you see the number 333, it can mean that there are areas of your life that require some alterations. 

18k Gold Filled

Hypoallergenic | Nickel Free | Lead Free

Waterproof | Sweat-proof | Tarnish Resistant

Size: 16" 18" 20" and 24"

1.0mm Ball Chain

1.5mm Rolo Chain

2.5mm Mini Link Paperclip Chain

15.5 Inch Front Clasp Paperclip Chain

Pendant: 16.8mm

Water, Heat & Sweat Resistant

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Designed To Be Worn Everyday Without Tarnishing

Angel Tag 333 Necklace


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